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K.D. Jones Instrument Corporation is an organization specializing in renting geophysical instruments for engineering, environmental, power distribution, archaeology, and mining companies using near surface geophysical methods.

Our geophysical equipment rental instrument inventory includes electrical resistivity imagining equipment, seismographs and seismograph accessories (packages for shallow, medium, and deep MASW investigations), magnetometers, global positioning systems ( GPS ), pipe and cable locators, ground conductivity meters, ground penetrating radar ( GPR ), ground vibration monitors, noise monitors, magnetic susceptibility meters, and other geophysical equipment software.

Geophysical Instruments and equipment are expensive and cost prohibitive for most small businesses and consultants. For those businesses, it only makes sense to rent geophysical equipment rather than buy it. Turn to K.D. Jones Instruments for all of your geophysical equipment rental.

Why Rent from K.D. Jones Instruments?

K.D. Jones Instruments is dedicated to your success. We like to think of the businesses that utilize our geophysical equipment rental as partners rather than customers. K.D. Jones Instruments deals with businesses throughout the country and we feel that we provide the absolute best maintained stock of geophysical equipment rental for subsurface imaging in North America.

Training is available for ground vibration monitors like Instantel Minimate Plus, ground penetrating radar with Sensors & Software Noggin or pulseEKKO PRO systems, Geonics EM-31 EM-61 EM-38 EM-34, electrical resistivity imaging SuperSting R8, magnetometers, seismic refraction reflection MASW and borehole seismic, and magnetic susceptibility meters. See our website for info to start renting today!