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GEM Systems is a world leader in the manufacture of high-precision magnetometers for mineral and oil exploration, environmental, UXO applications and earthquake research. GEM Systems pioneered the potassium vapour magnetometer providing the highest available precision and absolute accuracy on the market today. GEM Systems also created the high-speed Overhauser proton magnetometer as a robust alternative to CS magnetometers in a reasonable price range.

Our products have the highest sensitivities available on the market today. The Overhauser is sensitive to .022 nT where as the Potassium vapour technology boasts .0002 nT. Sensitivity translates to the most precise measurements you can take. Potassium technology also has the highest absolute accuracy, which means repeatability for critical measurements.

Ground systems include magnetometers and gradiometers available in walking mode and featuring integrated GPS and optional VLF EM for shallow resistivity mapping. The systems are robust and built to last.

Airborne systems include magnetometer and VLF sensors and complete towed BIRD systems for single-sensor, and gradiometer applications. Adaptations and installations for fixed wing applications are also available.

Earth monitoring systems include the dIdD vector magnetometer for measuring precise changes in earth declination and inclination, and the Super Gradiometer for measuring very subtle gradient field changes. A new version of the dIdD is under development that will provide an absolute Declination and Inclination reading at remote drill sites. This coupled with measured realtime changes in the Earth’s Declination and Inclination will assist Drill monitoring for best available positioning of drill hole path location.

UAV solutions include the ultra-lightweight potassium high-precision UAV magnetometer (DRONEmag; GSMP-35U) for a variety of applications. The AirBIRD is a new “turn-key” towed magnetometer system for UAV surveys and provides all that is needed to execute detailed surveys in remote areas. The system includes magnetometer, gps, altimeter, IMU, power supply and radio link for data transmission. GEM Systems also has an AirGRAD available, light enough for UAV applications. This provides a safe alternative to other more traditional means of surveying such as on the ground or via air.

GEM Systems also manufactures a stabilized magnetic field system for experimentation and calibration.

GEM Systems has been providing innovative technology for imaging below the surface for over 35 years. Innovation and Reliability are at the core of the company.

All GEM Systems are turnkey, reliable and are available with various options and configurations. GEM provides an industry leading 3-year warranty and stands by all of its manufactured products ... Since Day One!


Purchased the proton magnetometer, and haven't looked back! This is easy to set up and obtains excellent data. The sales team, as well as the technical support team are very knowledgeable as well. 100% would recommend GEM