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Over the past 53 years GISCO has developed its unique reputation as a one-stop, worldwide geophysical instrument source, providing professionals with total support in instrumentation and field supplies. GISCO is a full service supplier providing selection and application assistance, system integration, training, rental, leasing, and instrument repair.GISCO (Geophysical/Geological Instrument & Supply Co.) sells systems, components, and software for many types of geophysical surveysGISCO manufacturesSeismic sources with hammer weights from 50 to 500 lb, electrically operated to provide improved signal-to-noise ratio and productivity.Radio trigger linksPiezo-electric trigger switches, very rugged and reliable.GISCO is the USA distributor for:ABEM - Resistivity systems, VLF WADI, SeismographsGEM Systems - Magnetometers and gradiometersGeotomographie - Borehole seismic sparker sources, P- and S-wave.GF Instruments - Resistivity systems, Conductivity meters, Gamma-ray spectrometers, Magnetic susceptibility meters, Metal detectorsPASI - Borehole cameras, Resistivity meters, Seismographs, Electrically operated clamping downhole triaxial geophonesSodin - Gravity metersGISCO sells software forSeismic reflection, refraction, and 3-D crosshole tomography,Resistivity VES, profiling, and 2-D and 3-D imaging.