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For 30 years, INT has empowered O&G companies to visualize their complex data. With INT’s HTML5 software technology, developers and product owners can build their subsurface or surface digital solutions for the web/cloud.

INT’s flagship software includes IVAAP® and GeoToolkit®. IVAAP is an Upstream Data Visualization Platform for geoscience, drilling, production, WellLog, 2D, 3D, and schematics data. IVAAP offers intuitive dashboards aggregating various data sources: WITSML, LAS, DLIS, seismic, SEG-Y, etc. GeoToolkit graphics libraries are used by programmers to create web-based viewers for complex Upstream E&P data. GeoToolkit Libraries include 2D/3D for WellLog, schematics, seismic, contour, PnD, flowcharts, time series, charts and gauges. GeoToolkit libraries are supported in various languages: Javascript/HTML5, Java, C++, and .NET. GeoToolkit libraries come with an SDK and API to connect to any data source and enable custom visualization.

INT’s customers include the largest oil companies, service companies, and software vendors in the world. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, INT has offices in France and Russia. INT also sells its products and services through qualified distributors and resellers and through OEM partners in Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.

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