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altcom provides microseismic consultancy services and software. Our Microseisgram package is a platform independent microseismic QC workbench for:
- R & D microseismic data processing and QC of data and processed results
- Testing of new and enhanced processing techniques
- Standardising microseismic waveform and metadata exchange formats
- Viewing of events, well and sensor locations together with your velocity model.

The interactive Velocity Model tool allows changes to the VM to be reflected in the data. Key features include:
- Seismogram viewing
- Integrated relational database (Apache Derby)
- P & S pick QC
- Hodogram analysis
- Data readers (eg SEGY, SEG2, SEED) & XML import/export
- Event re-picking and relocation plus guided auto-picking
- Spectral and source parameter analysis
- Fault plane solutions and focal mechanism inversion
- Interactive 3D visualisation & animation tool
- Error analysis
- Location misfit maps and location error clouds
- 3D travel time & velocity model plots