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About Intertek Westport Technology Center:
Westport was acquired by Intertek Caleb Brett in October 2005, and operates with the same experienced Westport managment and technical staff as before. Westport plays a lead technical service role in Intertek's global network of petroleum laboratories and service locations.

Westport was originally established as an E&P technology support center by British Petroleum in 1988. Westport was sold to IITRI in 1993 and became an independent technical services company. Acquired by Dresser Industries, Inc. in 1997, Westport became an independent division of the Petroleum Products and Services Group. Dresser merged with Halliburton in 1998 to become the largest oilfield service company in the world. Westport remained a Halliburton affiliate until the acquisition by Intertek Caleb Brett in 2005.

Intertek Westport Technology Center provides a full range of E&P technical services to the Oil and Gas Industry, including consulting, laboratory analyses, research and training. Intertek Westport Technology Center delivers a comprehensive suite of high quality technical services to support petroleum exploration and production operations worldwide. Westport's experienced professionals are dedicated to providing timely, effective solutions to the problems encountered by E&P operators on a global basis.

Technical services support global E&P customers in crucial areas such as drilling fluids, natural gas hydrates, flow assurance, reservoir fluids, petroleum geochemistry, formation evaluation and many other related services. Westport regularly undertakes applied research, technical training programs and consulting assignments. Intertek maintains a leadership role in technology with active participation in Joint Industry Research Programs, industry consortia and government-sponsored research.