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Geophysical surveying and mapping services by Geophysical Services LLC (Established 1985)
Geophysical Services LLC has provided geophysical surveying and mapping services for over thirty years. As a geophysical consulting firm, Geophysical Services LLC offers services to address issues relating to geology, mining, environmental studies, hydrogeology, locating underground storage tanks, concrete scanning, archaeology, engineering, levee certification, contamination, forensic science, agriculture, real estate assessments, corrosion, electrical power and transmission line facilities, ground vibration monitoring, and underground private cable, pipe, and facility locating.

Geophysical surveys include electrical resistivity tomography, MASW, frequency domain EM, ground penetrating radar ( GPR ), time domain EM, seismic refraction, seismic reflection, sub-bottom profiling, magnetic, borehole, and gravity. As a result, these services often implement equipment using AGI’s SuperSting R8 electrical resistivity imaging system, Geometrics’ capacitance coupled OhmMapper, Mount Sopris’ borehole tools, Geonics EM31 EM38 EM34 EM61 systems, Geometrics Geode, GeoStuff’s borehole geophones, Ballard’s Shear Wave source, and GPR systems manufactured by Sensor & Software (Noggin, pulseEKKO, and Conquest).