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TechnoImaging is the leading provider of interpretation services for the integration of electromagnetic (EM), magnetic and gravity data in shared earth models via EMVision; TechnoImaging's proprietary suite of 3D modeling, inversion and migration methods implemented on high performance computers for marine, airborne, ground and borehole electromagnetic, induced polarization (IP), spectral IP, magnetic, magnetic gradiometry, gravity and gravity gradiometry surveys. TechnoImaging provides 3D inversion and migration of marine EM data, including data from magnetotelluric (MT), controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM), and towed EM systems. TechnoImaging is the only provider of 3D airborne electromagnetic (AEM) inversion for any AEM system, including TEMPEST, GEOTEM, MEGATEM, DIGHEM, RESOLVE, ZTEM, AirMT, VTEM, AEROTEM, SkyTEM, HOISTEM, HELITEM and GTK. TechnoImaging provides the largest scale potential field inversions available, with the capability to invert district and regional surveys. TechnoImaging's experience includes inversion of FALCON, Marine-FTG, Air-FTG, total magnetic intensity (TMI), magnetic gradiometry, and full tensor magnetic gradiometry (FTMG) data.

TechnoImaging provides these specialized interpretation services for oil and gas exploration and production, mineral exploration, environmental monitoring, and government industries. TechnoImaging maintains a library of non-exclusive 3D inversion products, including large-scale 3D inversion models of open file datasets from the US, Canada, and Australia.TechnoImaging also provides contract R&D and project management services.