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Precision Geophysical Precision Geophysical
Except for our personalized service, fast turnaround, and small size, we're just like any large seismic firm. Give Precision Geophysical a call on your next seismic job. You'll get big company technology with a small company's touch.
Interactive Network Technologies, Inc. Interactive Network Technologies, Inc.
We provide graphics software components for data visualization to over 50% of the world's oil and gas companies. We have a proven track record for thinking ahead of the curve, giving our E&P clients a clear competitive edge in technology and development.
Paradigm Geolog
As the industry standard for advanced petrophysical analysis, the Geolog® Formation Evaluation product suite is ...
High Pressure Compressor Package
Features: -V-Design pressure lubricated 4 stage CompAir Compressor -Closed loop water cooled Model #5437IA high ...
SuperSting Remote Monitoring System
The AGI SuperSting Remote Monitoring System (SSRMS) is designed for unattended monitoring applications on landfills, ...
Paradigm GeoDepth
Reduce drilling risk through advanced velocity determination, modeling, and imaging....
The Nomad 65, a new generation of all-terrain vibrator.
NOMAD 65 Vibrator has been designed to offer a vehicle to the seismic industry capable ...
COPY+ for SEGD and SEGY files transfer
Designed with a GUI and very easy to use. It is available in Windows or ...
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