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Penguin Computing Penguin Computing
With Linux expertise that is unmatched in the industry Penguin Computing offers an end-to-end portfolio of products that range from Linux servers and workstations to integrated, turn-key HPC clusters and cluster management software.
International Reservoir Technologies, Inc. International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.
IRT is a leading global provider of integrated reservoir studies specializing in reservoir modeling and simulation. Averaging 25+ years of experience, let our staff design the optimal depletion plan for both your new and old reservoirs.
COPY+ for SEGD and SEGY files transfer
Designed with a GUI and very easy to use. It is available in Windows or ...
Paradigm Geolog
As the industry standard for advanced petrophysical analysis, the Geolog® Formation Evaluation product suite is ...
High Pressure Compressor Package
Features: -V-Design pressure lubricated 4 stage CompAir Compressor -Closed loop water cooled Model #5437IA high ...
Paradigm GeoDepth
Reduce drilling risk through advanced velocity determination, modeling, and imaging....
The Nomad 65, a new generation of all-terrain vibrator.
NOMAD 65 Vibrator has been designed to offer a vehicle to the seismic industry capable ...
SuperSting Remote Monitoring System
The AGI SuperSting Remote Monitoring System (SSRMS) is designed for unattended monitoring applications on landfills, ...
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